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Frequently Asked Questions

The Questions

  1. What is Pasty?
  2. Why is it free?
  3. What about my data, do you make money using my data?
  4. What clients are there?
  5. When will client xyz be released?
  6. I am a developer and want a client for xyz
  7. Is Pasty Open Source?
  8. How do magnets work?

The Answers (and also the questions again)


What is Pasty?

Pasty is a collection of applications that, in total, provide a cloud-based clipboard service to help you easily share short snippets across your different devices. And it's completely free! Take a look at About Pasty for more infos.


Why is it free?

It is free because I like services that are free and hence try to offer all my services for free. Of course I can only do this as long as I can afford it.


What about my data, do you make money using my data?

Nope. I don't like services that make money using their users data. Just because I offer you a service to transfer data for you does not mean I have any rights to that data. It's yours, and it stays that way.


What clients are there?

Currently there is a native Android app, a rather crude Web App, and a GTK client is in work. Jeff S. is working on a .NET API wrapper, which hopefully will result in a Windows Client. What I wanna build next is a Mobile Webapp, and an Ubuntu client.


When will client xyz be released?

Considering I do all this in my free time, development can be slow. I always try my best to deliver the clients I deem most important asap. But Pasty's API is open, so if you are somebody or know somebody that knows how to code, check out « I am a developer and want a client for xyz.» .


I am a developer and want a client for xyz.

First of all, that's not a question. Ha, I know, I wrote it myself and now act as if it is your fault. Isn't that funny? But enough of teh funnehs, let's get to business. Pasty's API is open, so if you REALLY want that client, why don't you go ahead and write it yourself? Have a look at the Wiki pages on Github, mostly the REST API.


Is Pasty Open Source?

Right now, no it isn't. But that is not an issue of closed source vs. open source. I am an 100% open source guy. So Pasty or at least most parts of it being released publically is only a matter of time. You will then find the source on Github. Parts of Pasty are already released as OSS. Currently that is a node.js (Javascript) library that handles API calls to Pasty's API Server. It is used as part of the Web App, but can be used as library in any kind of node.js client. It is released under the name pastyclient-node and is available via Github and npm. Also publically available is Pasty for Android™, available compiled from Google Play or as source code on Github. Both are licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.


How do magnets work?

Please see Wikipedia:Magnetism